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Children's Books

Children's Books 


Yoni creates fun, charming characters for early reader illustrated storybooks. He has also created a niché for himself as an illustrator for Proposal Storybooks.  Clients come to Yoni with a poem and Yoni creates a fully illustrated, hardcover book which is used in a marriage proposal.  

Praise from Clients:

"Yoni Limor helped me to craft the perfect proposal for my wife. His ability to work with me and help bring my idea to life is a testament to his creative aptitude."

"...I felt I had found the perfect words, and I left the rest to Yoni. I planned every detail of the proposal in my head for months and Yoni constantly kept in touch about where he was in the project timeline. He took some weight off my shoulders and I cannot thank him enough..."

"Yoni Limor brought my vision to life. He was a partner in this book, he did more than illustrate it, he walked me through it step by step."

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