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Book Cover Design

With a professional background in Illustration and Interior Book design (typesetting), I excel in creating engaging and memorable book covers for a wide variety of subjects, from Crime/Mystery and Fantasy, to Non-Fiction. 

I currently work as a freelance Typesetter for Post Hill Press, creating interior design for hundreds of titles each year. 

I worked at R.H. Boyd Publishing for two years as a typesetter, designing over a dozen books every quarter, and I was heavily involved in the redesign of the entire Sunday School catalogue to update the layouts, helping to bring them into the 21st Century. 

I have illustrated storybooks and comic books for clients, including my creator-owned graphic novel, Sheldon The Librarian where I am responsible for writing, illustrating, layout, typesetting, everything short of the physical printing of the book. 

I am available for freelance and contract cover design and typesetting. Send me a message today to get started!

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